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  • Transport vehicles carry heavy solid tires used in various field operations.
  • Three layers of high-quality natural rubber structure, with a solid and rigid base adhesive formula, to ensure the adhesion between the tire and rim, and the cross-section design close to the pneumatic tire is more suitable for the field operation.
  • Main applications: Forklift, steel transport vehicles, dock brackets, rack truck, container transshipment vehicles, etc.
  • The life span is more than 3 times the pneumatic tire.

500-8 Standard Black Solid Tyre

$138.00 Regular Price
$104.00Sale Price
    • Size: 500-8
    • Rim: 4.33R
    • Pattern: SM2
    • Loading Capacity (kg) for Forklift
      10km/hr 16km/hr 25km/hr

      Driving: 2,350 kg

      Steering: 1,880 kg

      Driving: 2,265 kg

      Steering: 1,700 kg

      Driving: 2,110kg

      Steering: 1,585 kg

    • Loading Capacity (kg) for Other Industrial Wheel:     For 16km/hr: 1,620 kg

    • Tire Weight (kg): 21

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